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Meet Laura

My favorite benefits of an organized home are...

  • Empowers all members of the family to participate in household upkeep due to clear and labeled systems

  • Mitigates conflict amongst family members from chaotic shared-spaces

  • Saves money by avoiding wasted or duplicate items

  • Regains time previously lost to frantic searching for items

  • Reduces feelings of judgment and shame about the state of your home

  • Results in a peaceful and restful home



Hi, I’m Laura!

The home is the epicenter of our everyday lives. In today’s world of working parents, busy social schedules and nonstop kids activities, disorganization is hard to overcome. I help women and families gain back control of the foundation of their lives. I want to limit the stress and overwhelm people (especially women!) have about the clutter in their homes.

I started Polished several years ago to help the everyday woman with what I found my friends, family, colleagues, and even myself at times struggling with. That feeling of being overwhelmed and losing control of your home.  The constant stress that disorganization causes. The experience of spending  SO  much time trying to clean up spaces only to have them fall apart again within weeks. I have always had a knack for organization and love  helping others clean out the cluttered areas in their homes, pack  their belongings to move, and create better organizational systems in their homes. As a single mom with two young boys, I know how incredibly important it is to have solid systems in place to make day-to-day life easier. I chose this career not only because I love what I do, but I see how impactful it can be in people’s lives! The home is  a reflection of oneself, so clutter and chaos lead to stress throughout  every  day in every aspect of our lives.


When I walk into someone’s home for the first-time, they usually are nervous. “Please don’t judge my                       ” is said at nearly every consultation [kitchen, closet, basement, insert your chaos-filled room of choice!]. I am not here to judge you. I am here to help. I get excited by the mess, the chaos, the overflow of items  - it gives me a goal.  It helps me see exactly where you struggle, and by taking the time to talk with you and your family - I can create a plan perfect just for you.  Life is hectic and we let the problem areas grow and grow until it is way too overwhelming to tackle. I am here to help fix the disorganization and work with you to create sustainable methods that will prevent the clutter from happening again.


I spent my early professional years gaining experience in both event planning, and social work. My capstone project for my degree program was integrating classrooms for kids with disabilities. During my time at Heritage Christian Services and Easter Seals I had the privilege of working with many individuals living with various mental disorders. Mental health has always been a passion of mine and the lessons I have learned working with individuals with special needs such as OCD, ADHD, Autism, Tourettes, and especially hoarding has afforded me great empathy, understanding and tools to help. The list of mental health benefits of decluttering and organizing your home is endless. This has provided me with a unique organizational skill set that all led me to create Polished. 


I personally struggle with anxiety, and years ago I found that by keeping my home organized and managed properly I was able to reduce stress and have more relaxed free time. I am also a mom of two VERY busy boys, and I find that my organizational systems allow me to enjoy my time at home with them. Even when my house gets messy (and believe me, it does!) - I know I can quickly and easy set things back in order because everything has a place and a flow that makes sense.

My approach of tailoring each job to the individual client helps ensure success for everyone.  Having an organized home that just works for your family will ultimately change your life. You  deserve a home that provides calmness, operates efficiently for you and is easy to keep up. I am here to help you make this a reality. Whether it’s organizing a pantry or closet, clearing out the basement or garage that has haunted you for years, or assisting in packing your house to move, I am here to help you create efficient methods that work for you.

If you are ready to regain control of your life through your home, let’s get started.


Let's start building the reality of your peaceful and organized home today!

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