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Working with POLISHED

We know how scary it can be considering hiring a professional organizer, so we've made it super easy to get started and get the work done! Here's the low-down:


The Polished

We remove the physical and emotional barriers to your happy and organized home! Through our simple streamlined process we are able to create incredible results that are custom-tailored to fit your home and life.


LET'S MEET! A 30 minute commitment-free consultation at your home will help us determine the scope of your project and how many hours we'll need to achieve your goals.


SCHEDULE IT! We'll pick days and times that work best for your schedule. While I do not need your full attention for the entire duration of our sessions, we will work collaboratively at times. Sessions are concise and productive so you don't get overwhelmed. I also love kids and pets, and sometimes it's best to have your children available to provide input on their spaces in the house!


LET'S GET TO WORK! My goal during these sessions is to determine what stays, what goes, and how to set up systems that work for your family and your space. I take care of all the cumbersome leg work, you say what stay and goes, and I handle the rest! I physically move, bag, label, and remove items for refuse or donation, and then devise the storage system for the items you keep. I'll measure, research and recommend any storage solutions you need. The final step is to clean the area, install, label and fill your storage units, leaving everything perfectly clean and tidy!


YOU'VE BEEN POLISHED. Some clients decide to add on other areas at this point (the results can be addicting!). You can now rest easy knowing that your space is ready to use, enjoy, and can now be easily maintained!

Conscious Donating

We take your excess items to the places they're most needed in our community

In-depth Research

Custom-tailored storage solutions sized just for your unique closets and spaces

Labeling of storage

Labeling of all bins and systems in custom fonts to fit your decor

Eco-Waste Drop off

We bring any electronic or toxic materials to where they can be recycled

Kid + Pet Friendly

We love all the little ones in your home and work well alongside children and pets

Refresh over time

A la carte hours available for periodic refreshes of existing systems

Paper Shredding

Removal and shredding of old papers you no longer need to keep

Care + Support

Social work background provides a judgement-free environment and knowledge regarding many mental health challenges

Community love

Your support of Polished supports many local mental health organizations


Schedule your 30 minute commitment-free consultation today!
Minimum investment for services starts at $200

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