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"For every

minute spent in organizing, an hour

is earned."

- Benjamin Franklin

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Hi I'm Laura! An expert in decluttering. 



When I walk into someone’s home for the first time, the first thing I hear is:

    “Ugh, please don’t judge my mess!!!!”


I am not here to judge you. I am here to help you.

Stress caused by clutter in your home can negatively impact your entire day. You're trying to get out the door on a busy morning... frantically searching for items for you or your family, tripping over shoes, leaving more mess in your wake. Feeling behind on laundry, knowing your child’s bedroom is cluttered with toys, seeing and trying on clothing that you don't feel good in, or the distress of having a basement that has become such a drop zone it's hardly usable - it really adds up. Day after day, year after year, this takes an incredible toll on your relationships, productivity, health and well-being.


While everyone loves the idea of having an organized home, they either don’t know where to start, OR they try to tackle it themselves only to get too overwhelmed to finish.


Working alongside a trained professional, we can tackle projects of any size. I will teach you how to maintain the organization systems I custom-tailor to fit your home and family. Every home and family is different, and I truly get to know you on a personal level to make sure we are doing what will work best for YOU. My goal is to help you minimize stress, save time, save money and cause less tension in your home.

Conscious Donating

We take your excess items to the places they're most needed in our community

In-depth Research

Custom-tailored storage solutions sized just for your unique closets and spaces

Labeling of storage

Labeling of all bins and systems in custom fonts to fit your decor

Eco-Waste Drop off

We bring any electronic or toxic materials to where they can be recycled

Kid + Pet Friendly

We love all the little ones in your home and work well alongside children and pets

Refresh over time

A la carte hours available for periodic refreshes of existing systems

Paper Shredding

Removal and shredding of old papers you no longer need to keep

Care + Support

Social work background provides a judgement-free environment and knowledge regarding many mental health challenges

Community love

Your support of Polished supports many local mental health organizations








We'll determine how many hours of organizing we'll need to meet your goals!




We plan the best timing around your schedule and begin to polish!




Voila! You've been polished. Time to use and enjoy your freshly organized space.

Marble Surface

Happy Client Homes

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"I’ve worked with Laura on many projects, and I have always been very happy with her work. Laura is extremely reliable, a hard worker, and always an absolute pleasure to be around.  She is very positive and upbeat! I highly recommend her."

Carolyn L.

Pittsford, NY

"Laura was amazing in helping us pack and move. She had a clear plan each week when we met. I have always referred to myself as a neat hoarder. After having saved every token from each of my four children the thought of packing up our house was overwhelming to say the least. Laura helped me minimize and feel lighter in what we moved while still keeping our most precious things. I would highly recommend Polished to help you get organized and feel lighter and more spacious in your home." 

Cheryl R.

Ontario, NY

"As a full-time working mom, I have little to no extra time in my life.  The extra time that I do have, I try to maximize with my family.  As a result, we found our basement to be the location for the out of sight - out of mind items which meant that we did not want to spend any time down there.  The Polished approach gave us the structure and the fresh start we so desperately needed.  


What started off as a project to get our basement under control, ended up being our closets too! We are so grateful for Laura - she is patient and supportive when trying to decide whether to keep it, donate it or to toss out.  We are looking forward to having her come back for a refresh in the next few months!"  

Katie B.

Penfield, NY

"Laura was a dream to work with! As a business owner and Mom, life gets hectic really quick. She came in to help me clean and organize while showing me an efficient system that my family and I could continue to work with. It's been great to learn from her and feel in control of continued order in our lives. I highly recommend her!"

Mary P.

Webster, NY

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